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Everyone grieves for the slain, and their family, and the world grieves for them and rightfully so, after all, a life is gone, and generations stop because of the actions of one demented human being.

Shana’s life changed the moment her son went on a spree to murder, rob and carjack innocent people. She watched the news in horror not knowing that her son was behind the mayhem.

She loses her job, she’s shunned from her family, and eyes from across the world are staring at her and everything she has done since the day she gave birth to a murderer. 

An Entertaining and Compelling Fiction Author From Baltimore  

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is always busy and technology is king, sometimes it just feels good to sit back, take a break, and read a good novel. Hi, I am Antoinette Davis, and I am a fiction author that aims to spread the magic of reading in the world.

At ARD Writing, I do my best to keep the world of books alive by writing wonderful fiction stories. To make sure that people enjoy my work, I always write with my audience in mind. By incorporating my thoughts and imagination with what my readers want, I am able to create beautiful and thought-provoking narratives that keep them entertained and compelled to read more.

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